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Temporary cat home in B/CS or Houston

I can’t pay my bills next month. We have $100 for food for the next two months. I can pay rent for June, but have no idea what I’ll do in July.

I have a fucking Master’s degree, and I can’t find a job. Not even a shitty minimum-wage job. I have never felt more hopeless in my life.

And the safety nets in place for this sort of thing simply don’t apply to me. I don’t have kids, so I can’t get welfare. I’m an adjunct, so I don’t qualify for unemployment. The only thing I can get is food stamps, which is $200 a month. But $200 can’t stretch really far when I don’t have a stove because I can’t afford electricity.

Anyway, would anyone in Bryan/College Station or Houston be willing to take in my two cats for the next few months? (They don’t need to stay together.) I should be employed again in the fall, and can take them back. But I’m worried about the electricity getting turned off, and we will have to move in with Jeremy’s mom in a little while, and can’t take them to her house.

Please signal boost if you can’t help yourself. Thank you.

[Edit: I added some pictures of the kitties! They’re pretty cute.]

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    I wish I could but I can’t take on any more pets… Spread the word!
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    Paging pink-skies! This lady is look for a temporary home for her kitties. Would you know someone in the Austin,...
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